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About the author



I have always had a keen interest in crime and the behaviour of those that partake in crime.

As a child growing up I would spend much of my time watching true crime on the television, programs dedicated to CSI, I enjoyed reading books on organised crime, serial killers etc and over the years have amassed quite a large reading catalogue.


So naturally after leaving secondary school I wanted to focus on those areas of study.

I chose to study Psychology with sociology & social policy at college so I was able to go on to do a Psychology degree already well informed on the basics.

During this time I gained work experience as personal development mentor for my local young offenders team and also volunteered my services for the Young offenders Panel, this involved reviewing case files of young offenders that had been referred by external services such as the courts or the police and deciding the best type of rehabilitation program needed for them based on their individual circumstances and the nature of their offence.

After leaving my role with the young offenders team to focus on family duties I couldn't keep away from my passion and interest for psychology and criminal based behaviour so I continued to study online at home and gained a foundation 

Diploma in Criminology & Criminal forensic investigation.

I am currently studying Criminology at the Open University working towards gaining my Masters.

I feel I can now apply the knowledge I have gained over the last 15 years to discuss and explore the motives, drives and reasons behind criminal behaviour, and explore the people who commit those crimes.

Our Research Team

Information found on this site has been researched and sourced by myself Jennifer Sutton and/or assisting researcher Stephanie Nixon.

Stephanie is a vital part of the Criminal Behaviours research team and has qualifications in Criminology along with a M.Sc in International Criminal Law and Security.

Stephanie is very passionate about her work she also writes about her experiences and research in her own blog to see more of Stephanie's work please visit - 

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