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That Fateful Morning

An introduction to Guys Case


It was the early morning on the 29th of August 2009 around 8am when a young mans discovery  would change his life forever.

Guy Heinze Jr was driving home after getting breakfast with his younger brother Tyler, he had dropped his brother off and started to make his way home. It was about 8am when he pulled into the driveway of the trailer where he and his family lived on New Hope Mobile Home park in Brunswick.


It was quiet as he got out of the car and made his way to the door of his home. He hoped that Russell wouldn’t mind that he’d had the car all night, he had only planned to borrow it for a couple of hours but had got carried away and borrowed it for the whole night.

As he got to the door and went to open it he noticed that it hadn’t been locked, this wasn’t unusual they were a big family and not everyone had a key so it would be left unlocked at times, so he didn’t think much of it opened the door and walked in.

What met him as he stepped through that entrance was a scene reminiscent of a horror movie, laying on the floor covered in blood was Guy Heinze Sr, Guys father he appeared to be dead and badly beaten.


Guy sees more blood so starts to make his way through the trailer looking into each doorway, in each room there were his family members, covered in blood strewn across the room, their faces disfigured, and bodies still, completely motionless.

Guy trying to process what he is seeing starts to go into a state of panic as the shock of whats happening sets in time starts to distort. He begins to look for a phone or something he can use to call 911.


The trailer is messy but he manages to locate his cousin Michelle's cell phone and tries to make the 911 call from it but it won’t turn on, the battery must be dead he thinks so he, starts to frantically look around again in a panic.

He enters one of the bedrooms where his uncle Russell lay dead on the floor and his cousin Michael was on the bed motionless blood spatter across the walls and the floor. He looks around the room confused, shocked and panicked he sees a shotgun on the floor next to Toler Sr, he grabs it worried that someone was still in the trailer.

His mind is racing, he can’t think clearly he rushes back towards the front door making his way out of the trailer trying to make sense of what he’s seeing. He gets to the front door yelling for someone to help, for someone to call the police.  

Guy then gets back into the car, putting the gun he was holding into the trunk, and the phone he’d picked up into the back seat of car. The feeling of disorientation, confusion, and shock starts to overwhelm him. He takes a moment to try and process his thoughts, lights a marijuana cigarette he has on him, inhales deeply and exhales. Was this really happening, did he really just find his whole family dead?

By this time some neighbours have heard the commotion and saw his distress, he’s yelling out of the trailer “My whole family is dead” and they call the police realising its serious. Guy is heard on the 911 call yelling “my whole family is dead, they’re all dead” he rushes back into the trailer a few times while his neighbour is on the line with 911. All of this is recorded, you hear guy come out of the trailer sounding very desperate and yelling “tell them to hurry Michaels still alive”.

Once the police arrive at the scene Guy is in a mess he is seen over by one of the trucks retching and heaving, the colour completely drained from his face, with a dazed look in his eyes, common symptoms of emotional trauma and shock.

They start to question Guy on the scene to establish what has happened and he is asked not to leave until they had sealed the crime scene and taken a basic statement.

This page is updated regularly there will be more information added on subjects including: - 

 The Investigation, The Case according to Law Enforcement, a breakdown of the news coverage, The Trial, The Evidence, Who was on the Case and where are they now, Guys conviction and current situation, who are Eye on Innocence, The life on Death Row BBC Documentary.

Any information on this page has been verified by Guys family, partner and/or official documentation.

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