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Forenics Investatgator Michael Knox



Michael knox was a sociology and forensics evidence consultant for the Heinze Jr defense team.  


  • Knox questioned why a pair of handmade num-chuks ( two pieces of steel piping approx. five inches long  held together by an S clip) were not collected by law enforcement during the evidence sweep of the trailer. Law enforcement  said the num-chuks, found in some tires next to the family's trailer, were placed there AFTER the crime. Knox said that he found that unlikely and went on to say that several injuries on the on the victims, logged in as cockroach bites by the Medical Examiner  could have been caused by these num-chuks. Knox also stated that ALL the victims has injuries that indicated beaten by a long, thin, weapon (the rifle in evidence) but that there were also injuries consistent with a smaller. blunter and heavier object.

  • The crime scene was a gory blood soaked mess. Knox said there was absolutely  no way the perpetrator walked away without being covered in blood. Knox also stated it would have taken more then a quick cleanup or shower to get rid of all the blood on his skin. He stated that the perpetrator would have taken a significant length of time scrubbing themselves clean using a brush. He went on to say that blood would have been in every crevice of the killers skin. 

  • Knox also questioned why the car Guy was driving was never taken into evidence. There would have been blood inside the car even cleaning the car there would have still been blood. Luminol would have found even traces of blood in the car. The technique was never used by the law enforcement. Despite the fact that a cell phone, allegedly covered in one of the victims blood, was retrieved from the trunk. 

  • Knox acknowledged blood had been found on the bottom of Guy’s flipflops. This transfer will occurred when Guy entered the trailer and found the victims murdered. This is supported, by the fact that only two of the victim’s blood was present on the soles.

  • Knox also pointed out that a pile of clothes covered in spots of blood in one of the bathrooms. NONE of the victims were found in this room but yet the clothes were NOT taken to be tested. Knox also acknowledged that they could have dripped from the end of the rifle , he also said that it could have easily been that of the assailant and the clothes should have been taken as evidence.

  • Knox also testified that there was evidence that Chrissy Toler her boyfriend Joseph West, and Michelle Toler had changed positions and moved around in the room in which they were killed. He even indicated further evidence to suggest that Chrissy Toler had tried to escape from the window. How on earth did Guy subdue and murder three mobile individuals and a small child without getting any blood on him? receiving no injuries? and without any of the victims raising the alarm? Who stopped Chrissy Toler from exiting that window, while also beating or at least holding back her boyfriend?

  • Knox also testified on the pictures of the room where Toler Sr was beaten to death. Toler Sr had put up a huge fight for his life and that there was clear evidence he had been struck while standing/lying in four separate locations of the room. Knox also testified that the evidence in the picture indicated that at one time Toler Sr had struck from both sides of the bed at the same time. THIS could NOT have been done by JUST one person. That indicates more then one person.

  • There was blood splatter evidence to indicate that Brenda Toler had a pillow placed over her face while being beaten. Evidence also indicated she had furiously fought back and waved her left arm. The arm has a smudge print that indicated it had be held back to prevent her hitting her attacker.  HOW did Guy manage to use one hand to hold the pillow over her face, another hand to hold her arm back and then seemingly a third hand to carry out the brutal beating?

  • Guy Heinze Sr was the only one person who was killed in his sleep. Heinze Sr was sleeping on the floor cast off splatter indeicated he did not put up a fight.  However, all seven of the other victims put up a fierce battle for their lives. The attackers would not have walked away from the trailer without their own injuries-visible at that.

When speaking to Michael Knox we ask him since Brenda was the only one killed different with a pillow over her face, if that was that like it was personal?

ANSWER: Knox said yes, normally when they put something over their face its so they dont have to see them being killed. 

We also ask him about Brenda’s bedroom window it was opened and the shade was moved?

ANSWER: He said he had ask law enforcement if they had taken finger prints from that window, he had been told NO. He then told us that her told them that could have been they way they came in or left.

There was also talk about other people that could have been involved Knox said that law enforcement were told of other people.


As Far as we know they were never questioned.

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