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Guys Timeline

28th August 2009

7.00 - 7.30 am Guy wakes up, gets ready for work and waits for Zachary Matjazic and his boss Rich to pick him up for work.

Location New Hope Mobile Home Park 5410 U.S. 17, Brunswick, GA 31525, United States

7.30 - 8.00 am Travelling to work with Zachary Matjazic. From New Hope to Eulonia.

Travel time in a car is roughly 22 minutes. 

8.00 - 11.00 am Working building a house.

Location Eulonia in McIntosh County

Travel time from Eulonia to Long horn Steakhouse 32 minutes based on google maps

11.00 am - 11.30 am Long Horn Steakhouse with Zachary Matjazic and Rich to meet the contractor and to get paid.

Location Long Horn Steakhouse 1000 Glynn Isle, Brunswick, GA 31525

11.30 am - 12.00 pm - Guy, rich and Zac go to United Community banking in Brunswick to get paid and told they are finished for the day. Rich drops both Guy and Zac at Zac home.

Location United Community Bank, 109 Scranton Connector, Brunswick, GA 31525, United States

Travel time from the steakhouse to the bank via car 3/5 minutes on foot 11 minutes

12.00 pm - 13.30 pm - After hanging out at Zacs for a while Guy & Zachary make their way to Bubba Garcias to meet friends. 

13.30 pm - 15.00 pm - Orders food with friends at Bubba Garcias stays for about an hour and a half then they head back to Zacs Apartment.

Location 200 Redfern Village, St Simon's, GA 31522.

15.00 pm - 17.00 pm - Guy and Zac leave the restaurant and head back to Zacs home. Zachary Matjaztic testifies to this and states that guy left his on foot at around 5pm 

17.00 pm -  17.30 pm - Guy makes his way to a clothing store on the way he sees his brother Tyler and some friends at the Friendly Express Gas Station on 1313 Demere Rd, St Simons, GA 31522 they invite Guy to come and chill with them later at the Best Western Motel. 

17.30 pm - 18.00 pm - Guy makes a call to Chrissy from the Friendly Express public phone asking if her and Joe will pick him up. They agree to come and pick Guy up and arrive at the friendly express about 20/30 minutes later. They also have Michelle and Byron with them in the car

18.00 pm - 19.00 pm - They head back to New Hope in the car from the gas station at St Simons Island

Travel time From Friendly express to New Hope Mobile Home Park averages at 30 minutes via car they make a stop at another store on the way so don't arrive back at New Hope until about 19.00pm

19.00 pm - 21.00 pm - Guy sees his family at the trailer. Spends some time with them. He then shaves head and gets a shower. Russell Jr gets a call from his brother PeeWee asking for a favour.


21.00 pm - 22.00 pm - Guy goes with Russell Jr to see Russells brother Pee Wee, to give him tools to help fix his car. Guy and Russel Jr drive to Darien in Russells car.

Travel time average 10 mins in a car from New Hope to Fort King George motel 

Location - Motel/Inn Fort King George Dr, Darien, GA 31305

22.00 pm - 22.30 pm Guy and Russell travel back to New Hope on the way they stop off at a corner store, carry on straight to New Hope.

Travel time roughly 25 mins including stop off at store.

22.00pm - Barrington Park resident (court witness) Thomas Williams goes to bed - Thomas Williams testified in court that he did not see Guy in Barrington park in the early hours of the morning. He later testifies that he actually went to bed at 10 pm so couldn't of seen Guy if Guy was a the park.

22.30 pm - 23.30 pm Guy sees family at trailer is there for a little while until he decides to go out to meet a girl, he asks Russell if he can borrow the car. Guy gets into the car and starts to make his way to the friendly express to see a girl he was dating called Summer.

23.30pm - 12.30 am Guy gets by the Friendly Express and he changes his mind about seeing Summer, instead goes to a local Trap house just off 4th street to get some crack cocaine from a person known as Crazy.

11.40 pm -11.45 pm Joe West, Michelle, Chrissy Toler, and Byron Jimerson are seen all alive on cctv at store on U.S.17 near Brunswick.

Guys travel time from New hope to Friendly express 1313 Demere Rd, St Simons, GA 31522 and then onto 4th street is roughly 29 minutes he drove via Highway 17, this is 18.7 miles from New Hope.


29th August 2009

12.30 am - 01.30 am - Guy heads back onto Highway 17 towards Barrington Park to smoke his crack.

On the way he passes the Friendly Express again and sees an acquaintance called Lockey standing just outside the mobile home park entrance by Druid oaks. He passes him and carries on to Barrington park.

Guy takes route US-17 N which bypasses New Hope along the Journey he decides to drive up to the trailer at New Hope to score some more crack off Joe before he carries on to Barrington Park.

This journey took roughly 30-35 minutes in total to get from 

Fourth St, St Simons, to New Hope Mobile Home Park assuming there was no traffic.

He runs up to trailer the window Joe dealt out of and got some more crack on loan/tick (when money is not paid upfront, drugs are on loan)  Guy then got back into the vehicle and continued to Barrington. 

01.30 am - 02.30 am - The route Guy takes to Barrington is the I-95 N via Cox Rd SW the travel time is 28 minutes 20.9 miles between locations. 

Based on journey times and stop offs Guy would of arrived at Barrington Park at around 01.45 - 02.00 am. He drives passed the entrance and he parks up and smokes the crack he has.

02.16 am Michelle makes a call to a friend and leaves a voicemail (still alive not a distress call)

02.30 am - 04.00am - Guy is parked up on Barrington Park by the big Oak tree.

03.45 am - Call made from Michelle's phone, the call lasted for 36 seconds.

3.48 am - Call attempt? from Michelle's phone. Partially Dialled/Miss-dialled number.

04.00 am - 05.00 am Guy makes his way to the Best Western, St Simon's Island to see Tyler because he didn't want to go back to the trailer while he was "geeked up" and wake people up that time in the morning. He takes the I-95 S and gets off at the Spurrs exit.

Travel time from Barrington Park to St Simons Island - average 56 minutes, distance 40.4 miles

05.00 am - 06.00 am: Guy Arrives at St Simons island just after 5 am he gets to Tylers Motel door around 05.30 am and knocks but no one answers he leaves to make his way to the payphone to call Tyler to tell him let him into the motel room. then returns to be let in once hes spoken to Tyler.

05.30 am - Jonathan Carmichael Testified he heard Guy knock on the door 5.30am but they did not answer it.

05.36 am - Guy is seen on cctv camera at Best Western (motel), St Simons Island.

05.30 - 06.00 am - Jessica Pollard Testified she saw Guy come and go twice just before dawn, behaving normally with no blood on him..

05.45 - 06.00 am - Jonathan Carmichael Testified he let guy in the room a little before 06.00 am.

06.00 am - 07.00 am Guy and Tyler go for breakfast at the Huddle House on 1701 Frederica Road, Saint Simons Island it took them about 10 minutes to get there from the motel. They arrive before 07.00 am.

07.00 am - 08.00 am - They ordered and ate then returned to the Best Western the receipt from huddle house showed they paid for breakfast at 07.10am. Guy dropped Tyler off and headed back to New Hope. Travel time from St Simons to New Hope is roughly 30 minutes at this time of day. Guy arrived back at New Hope at 08.00am.

08.00 am - 09.00 am - Guy gets back to New Hope and pulls up to the trailer parks and gets out. He goes into the trailer and finds his family dead and dying he starts to yell for help, he yells for someone to call the police. his neighbour Margret hears this.

08.00 am - 08.15 amMargaret Orlinski witnesses Guy pull up to the trailer and get out. Then hears him yelling for someone to call the police.

8.15 am -08.30 am - Margaret Orlinski to calls the police, the police are dispatched.

This page is updated regularly there will be more information added on subjects including: - 

 The Investigation, The Case according to Law Enforcement, a breakdown of the news coverage, The Trial, The Evidence, Who was on the Case and where are they now, Guys conviction and current situation, who are Eye on Innocence, The life on Death Row BBC Documentary.

Any information on this page has been verified by Guys family, partner and/or official documentation.

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