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A collection of books written by J. Sutton.

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Kuklinski: The Devil Himself

A factually informative book detailing the life and crimes of Richard Leonard Kuklinski.

Featuring information about his childhood & adolescence. Along with a breakdown of his 37 year criminal career, his association with organised crime, his marriage and his family life. The latter chapters of the book give an insight into the behavioural aspects of his crimes, his motives, his drives and the possible biological underpinnings for these. 

Better known to some as 'The Iceman', Richard was a long time criminal who grew up in New Jersey in the USA.
After an abhorrent childhood filled with pain and misery, Richard veered into a life of crime.


In a desperate attempt to get away from the poverty and abuse he had suffered he turned to the streets of New Jersey for acceptance. He was welcomed with open arms, eventually becoming acquainted with some of the Mafias most notorious hitmen, auto theft rackets and bootlegging operations. Over time he would become a greedy, ruthless, and callous killer knowing no bounds.

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Kuklinski: The Case File

A short book jam packed full of information on the Kuklinski case, with an artistic and eye catching layout.

The book features an in depth timeline, newspaper clippings & articles, images relevant to the case, along with artwork. Plus a breakdown of the life and crimes of Richard 'The Iceman' Kuklinski.

Sections include

  • Fact File

  • The Kuklinski Family Tree

  • Operation Iceman

  • Links to the Mafia

  • Mister Softee

  • Joseph Kuklinski

. . . Plus much more

The Kuklinski case file is the accompanying book to Kuklinski: The Devil Himself by J. Sutton. An in depth look into the case of Richard Kuklinski.

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The UK's Worst book series

The UK's Worst

A compilation of true crime cases committed by some of the UK's most dangerous criminals.

These are the stories of the worst offenders in the UK, people who will never leave prison for their horrendous crimes.

This is the first book in a series of books about the UK's Worst criminals and contains four cases.

Book 1 features the cases of -

  • Anthony Arkwright

  • Anthony Ayres

  • Anthony Hardy

  • Anthony Russell

  • 1 Bonus case! (Paperback only)

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Copy of A Pocket Guide To Psychopathy.jpg

The Pocket Guide to Psychopathy

A short book that breaks down what psychopathy is, and isn't. It covers the various implications of the disorder, its clinical history and its application in modern day.

Looking in depth at how a person may end up with the disorder and diagnosis. With chapters discussing the types of psychopathy and its implications on those that have the traits.

The misconceptions of the disorder are explained and the different ways that psychopathy can present itself in a persons behaviour are elaborated on in detail. There is a section that interviews those with the disorder, their families, and friends to give the reader an insight on what it is like for those with psychopathy.
Who are psychopaths? And are they really all crazed killers? Why is it that we only seem to hear about them when it comes to crime?
Join me as we learn more about Psychopathy . . .

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