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Guy Heinze Jr

It was the early morning on the 29th of August 2009 around 8am when a young mans discovery  would change his life forever.

Guy Heinze Jr was driving home after getting breakfast with his younger brother Tyler, he had dropped his brother off and started to make his way home. It was about 8am when he pulled into the driveway of the trailer where he and his family lived on New Hope Mobile Home park in Brunswick.

It was quiet as he got out of the car and made his way to the door of his home. He hoped that Russell wouldn’t mind that he’d had the car all night, he had only planned to borrow it for a couple of hours but had got carried away and borrowed it for the whole night.

As he got to the door and went to open it he noticed that it hadn’t been locked, this wasn’t unusual they were a big family and not everyone had a key so it would be left unlocked at times, so he didn’t think much of it opened the door and walked in.

What met him as he stepped through that entrance was a scene reminiscent of a horror movie, laying on the floor covered in blood was Guy Heinze Sr, Guys father he appeared to be dead and badly beaten.

Guy sees more blood so starts to make his way through the trailer looking into each doorway, in each room there were his family members, covered in blood strewn across the room, their faces disfigured, and bodies still, completely motionless.

Guy trying to process what he is seeing starts to go into a state of panic as the shock of whats happening sets in time starts to distort. He begins to look for a phone or something he can use to call 911.

The trailer is messy but he manages to locate his cousin Michelle's cell phone and tries to make the 911 call from it but it won’t turn on, the battery must be dead he thinks so he, starts to frantically look around again in a panic.

He enters one of the bedrooms where his uncle Russell lay dead on the floor and his cousin Michael was on the bed motionless blood spatter across the walls and the floor. He looks around the room confused, shocked and panicked he sees a shotgun on the floor next to Toler Sr, he grabs it worried that someone was still in the trailer.

His mind is racing, he can’t think clearly he rushes back towards the front door making his way out of the trailer trying to make sense of what he’s seeing. He gets to the front door yelling for someone to help, for someone to call the police.  

Guy then gets back into the car, putting the gun he was holding into the trunk, and the phone he’d picked up into the back seat of car. The feeling of disorientation, confusion, and shock starts to overwhelm him. He takes a moment to try and process his thoughts, lights a marijuana cigarette he has on him, inhales deeply and exhales. Was this really happening, did he really just find his whole family dead?

By this time some neighbours have heard the commotion and saw his distress, he’s yelling out of the trailer “My whole family is dead” and they call the police realising its serious. Guy is heard on the 911 call yelling “my whole family is dead, they’re all dead” he rushes back into the trailer a few times while his neighbour is on the line with 911. All of this is recorded, you hear guy come out of the trailer sounding very desperate and yelling “tell them to hurry Michaels still alive”.

Once the police arrive at the scene Guy is in a mess he is seen over by one of the trucks retching and heaving, the colour completely drained from his face, with a dazed look in his eyes, common symptoms of emotional trauma and shock.

They start to question Guy on the scene to establish what has happened and he is asked not to leave until they had sealed the crime scene and taken a basic statement.

Within a few hours the police had decided Guy was the perpetrator of this heinous crime, he was arrested and held in custody. The events that would unfold thereafter raise many questions and even more concerns. Was Guy Heinze really guilty? Or is this a case of a wrongful conviction?

Guy was charged with the murders of his family, he was convicted in what many see as an unfair trial full of holes and missing evidence. If the prosecution is to be believed Guy went on a silent and deadly rampage over the span of a few hours. Over an argument about painkillers, an argument that nobody else heard despite them being in a trailer on a site with neighbours in close proximity.

According to them he systematically bludgeoned his loved ones to death one by one, managed to clean himself up, hide the weapons and make it just in time for breakfast with one of his only living family members. But when you take a closer look at this case the supposed "facts" presented by the prosecution don't align with the actual evidence.

Now I will lead with the prosecutions version of events and then go on to Guys timeline, at the end I will provide a deconstruction of the main issues.

Prosecutions timeline

2.30am – 4.30am Guy kills family (according to them this takes 2/3 hrs)

4.30am – 5.30am Guy washes body, hides weapon and drives to St Simons Island

5.30am – 6.00am Guy on camera at Best Western Motel and is seen by Clerk at Parkers store

6.00am – 7.30am Guy is with Tyler and friends go to eat food

7.30am – 8.00am Guy drives back to New Hope from St Simons

8.00am – 8.30am Guy finds family at 8.18am 911 is called

8.30am – 9.30am Law enforcement arrive on scene.

Recent image of Guy Heinze, image credit Jodie Heinze
Guy Heinze Jr, image credit Jodie Heinze

Guys Timeline

28th August 2009

7.00 - 7.30 am Guy wakes up, gets ready for work and waits for Zachary Matjazic and his boss Rich to pick him up for work.

Location New Hope Mobile Home Park 5410 U.S. 17, Brunswick, GA 31525, United States

7.30 - 8.00 am Travelling to work with Zachary Matjazic. From New Hope to Eulonia.

Travel time in a car is roughly 22 minutes. 

8.00 - 11.00 am Working building a house.

Location Eulonia in McIntosh County

Travel time from Eulonia to Long horn Steakhouse 32 minutes based on google maps

11.00 am - 11.30 am Long Horn Steakhouse with Zachary Matjazic and Rich to meet the contractor and to get paid.

Location Long Horn Steakhouse 1000 Glynn Isle, Brunswick, GA 31525

11.30 am - 12.00 pm - Guy, rich and Zac go to United Community banking in Brunswick to get paid and told they are finished for the day. Rich drops both Guy and Zac at Zac home.

Location United Community Bank, 109 Scranton Connector, Brunswick, GA 31525, United States

Travel time from the steakhouse to the bank via car 3/5 minutes on foot 11 minutes

12.00 pm - 13.30 pm - After hanging out at Zacs for a while Guy & Zachary make their way to Bubba Garcias to meet friends. 

13.30 pm - 15.00 pm - Orders food with friends at Bubba Garcias stays for about an hour and a half then they head back to Zacs Apartment.

Location 200 Redfern Village, St Simon's, GA 31522.

15.00 pm - 17.00 pm - Guy and Zac leave the restaurant and head back to Zacs home. Zachary Matjaztic testifies to this and states that guy left his on foot at around 5pm 

17.00 pm -  17.30 pm - Guy makes his way to a clothing store on the way he sees his brother Tyler and some friends at the Friendly Express Gas Station on 1313 Demere Rd, St Simons, GA 31522 they invite Guy to come and chill with them later at the Best Western Motel. 

17.30 pm - 18.00 pm - Guy makes a call to Chrissy from the Friendly Express public phone asking if her and Joe will pick him up. They agree to come and pick Guy up and arrive at the friendly express about 20/30 minutes later. They also have Michelle and Byron with them in the car.

18.00 pm - 19.00 pm - They head back to New Hope in the car from the gas station at St Simons Island

Travel time From Friendly express to New Hope Mobile Home Park averages at 30 minutes via car they make a stop at another store on the way so don't arrive back at New Hope until about 19.00pm

19.00 pm - 21.00 pm - Guy sees his family at the trailer. Spends some time with them. He then shaves head and gets a shower. Russell Jr gets a call from his brother PeeWee asking for a favour.

21.00 pm - 22.00 pm - Guy goes with Russell Jr to see Russells brother Pee Wee, to give him tools to help fix his car. Guy and Russel Jr drive to Darien in Russells car.

Travel time average 10 mins in a car from New Hope to Fort King George motel 

Location - Motel/Inn Fort King George Dr, Darien, GA 31305

22.00 pm - 22.30 pm Guy and Russell travel back to New Hope on the way they stop off at a corner store, carry on straight to New Hope.

Travel time roughly 25 mins including stop off at store.

22.00pm - Barrington Park resident (court witness) Thomas Williams goes to bed - Thomas Williams testified in court that he did not see Guy in Barrington park in the early hours of the morning. He later testifies that he actually went to bed at 10 pm so couldn't of seen Guy if Guy was a the park.

22.30 pm - 23.30 pm Guy sees family at trailer is there for a little while until he decides to go out to meet a girl, he asks Russell if he can borrow the car. Guy gets into the car and starts to make his way to the friendly express to see a girl he was dating called Summer.

23.30pm - 12.30 am Guy gets by the Friendly Express and he changes his mind about seeing Summer, instead goes to a local Trap house just off 4th street to get some crack cocaine from a person known as Crazy.

11.40 pm -11.45 pm Joe West, Michelle, Chrissy Toler, and Byron Jimerson are seen all alive on cctv at store on U.S.17 near Brunswick.

Guys travel time from New hope to Friendly express 1313 Demere Rd, St Simons, GA 31522 and then onto 4th street is roughly 29 minutes he drove via Highway 17, this is 18.7 miles from New Hope.

29th August 2009

12.30 am - 01.30 am - Guy heads back onto Highway 17 towards Barrington Park to smoke his crack.

On the way he passes the Friendly Express again and sees an acquaintance called Lockey standing just outside the mobile home park entrance by Druid oaks. He passes him and carries on to Barrington park.

Guy takes route US-17 N which bypasses New Hope along the Journey he decides to drive up to the trailer at New Hope to score some more crack off Joe before he carries on to Barrington Park.

This journey took roughly 30-35 minutes in total to get from 

Fourth St, St Simons, to New Hope Mobile Home Park assuming there was no traffic.

He runs up to the trailer the window Joe dealt out of and got some more crack on loan/tick (when money is not paid upfront, drugs are on loan)  Guy then got back into the vehicle and continued to Barrington. 

01.30 am - 02.30 am - The route Guy takes to Barrington is the I-95 N via Cox Rd SW the travel time is 28 minutes 20.9 miles between locations. 

Based on journey times and stop offs Guy would of arrived at Barrington Park at around 01.45 - 02.00 am. He drives passed the entrance and he parks up and smokes the crack he has.

02.16 am Michelle makes a call to a friend and leaves a voicemail (still alive not a distress call)

02.30 am - 04.00am - Guy is parked up on Barrington Park by the big Oak tree.

03.45 am - Call made from Michelle's phone, the call lasted for 36 seconds.

3.48 am - Call attempt? from Michelle's phone. Partially Dialled/Miss-dialled number.

04.00 am - 05.00 am Guy makes his way to the Best Western, St Simon's Island to see Tyler because he didn't want to go back to the trailer while he was "geeked up" and wake people up that time in the morning. He takes the I-95 S and gets off at the Spurrs exit.

Travel time from Barrington Park to St Simons Island - average 56 minutes, distance 40.4 miles

05.00 am - 06.00 am: Guy Arrives at St Simons island just after 5 am he gets to Tylers Motel door around 05.30 am and knocks but no one answers he leaves to make his way to the payphone to call Tyler to tell him let him into the motel room. then returns to be let in once hes spoken to Tyler.

05.30 am - Jonathan Carmichael Testified he heard Guy knock on the door 5.30am but they did not answer it.

05.36 am - Guy is seen on cctv camera at Best Western (motel), St Simons Island.

05.30 - 06.00 am - Jessica Pollard Testified she saw Guy come and go twice just before dawn, behaving normally with no blood on him.

05.45 - 06.00 am - Jonathan Carmichael Testified he let guy in the room a little before 06.00 am.

06.00 am - 07.00 am Guy and Tyler go for breakfast at the Huddle House on 1701 Frederica Road, Saint Simons Island it took them about 10 minutes to get there from the motel. They arrive before 07.00 am.

07.00 am - 08.00 am - They ordered and ate then returned to the Best Western the receipt from huddle house showed they paid for breakfast at 07.10am. Guy dropped Tyler off and headed back to New Hope. Travel time from St Simons to New Hope is roughly 30 minutes at this time of day. Guy arrived back at New Hope at 08.00am.

08.00 am - 09.00 am - Guy gets back to New Hope and pulls up to the trailer parks and gets out. He goes into the trailer and finds his family dead and dying he starts to yell for help, he yells for someone to call the police. his neighbour Margret hears this.

08.00 am - 08.15 am - Margaret Orlinski witnesses Guy pull up to the trailer and get out. Then hears him yelling for someone to call the police.

8.15 am -08.30 am - Margaret Orlinski to calls the police, the police are dispatched.

Guys Voice a Facebook group managed by Guys family
Guys Voice a Facebook group managed by Guys family

Case Deconstruction

When you take a closer look at the timeline of events based on the version of events the prosecution presented in court along with evidence of the victims actions before they were killed, it makes it very difficult to apply their theory to a real life, real time application.

Guy seemingly runs out of time to be able to complete the crime he is accused of and get to St Simons Island by at least 5.30am to be seen and heard by two witnesses and captured on CCTV by 5.36am.

In the prosecution’s theory Guy starts to attack the family after having a fight with Russell over painkillers that Guy allegedly wanted, but Russell wouldn't let him take them. (This claim was made despite Guy having access to another bottle of painkillers that had been in the car he was driving and were found in the car by law enforcement)

There is evidence that the family were still alive by at least 2.16am on the 29.09.2009.

Michelle made a call from her cell phone and left a voicemail message to a friend at this time. There was nothing in the voicemail message that would indicate anyone in the house was in any form of distress we can easily assume no one was being attacked at that time.

The police claimed that guy was beating his family to death for at least 2-3 hours.

This would mean that Guy would have had to of started attacking his family shortly after Michelle's call at 2.16am lets say he started at 2.30am.

A fight breaks out with Russell over the painkillers they start fighting Guy kills Russell no one seems to hear this at all but Guy decides to then kill everyone else. 

At some point during this frenzied attack a few of the victims fight back, it was quiet a struggle at points based on the forensic evidence left at the scene. There is evidence that one of the victims tried to escape out of a window too but Guy managed to over power them before they get away.

All of this is done very quietly over the span of a few hours according to the prosecution. Guy has no visible evidence on his body suggesting that he had just been in a struggle to the death with anyone.

No injuries were noted on his body at all by law enforcement other than a mark on his leg which was identified as an old wound (not fresh) he had incurred while working on site building houses. He was questioned about this scratch mark but nothing more was noted regarding any type of injury on guys person.

At 3.45am a call was made from Michelle's phone this was the last completed call made from her cell phone.

There was another call made at 3.48am it was incomplete as far as we are aware the number wasn’t valid.

If Guy was killing his family for the minimum amount of time the police said which would be 2 hours that would bring him to 4.30am at this point he would be covered in blood, tired, aching and would need to clean himself up so he would need to account for at least another 40 minutes or more to thoroughly clean his whole body. (Forensic expert Michael Knox stated in court it would have taken more than a quick cleanup or shower to get rid of all the blood on Guy's skin)

He would need to clean everywhere due to the blood spatter being very fine it can get in places you wouldn’t normally think of such as ear holes, the creases and pores in your skin so he would need to be thorough, then get dry and dressed.

This is where the police claimed the blood in the bath and sink came from, from Guy washing up after the fact.

Once Guy has done this and then redressed in the shorts he was accused of killing his family in it would bring the time to about 5.10am.

At some point either before or after washing up Guy got rid of the murder weapon too. The suspected murder weapon is still missing how he could of done this is not speculated by the police so no estimated time frame can be given for this its essentially missing time.

He then gets into the car and heads for St Simons Island to see Tyler.

The drive to St Simons from New Hope is roughly a 30-minute drive meaning Guy would arrive at the motel by about 5.40am.

This timeline of events is only according to the polices version of events. Even when using the smallest time frames given for the killings themselves its very hard to make it fit, I was unable to account time spans for disposal of the murder weapon but realistically this would add on extra time meaning Guy wouldn’t of arrived at St Simons until closer to 6am if I had also accounted for that.

Evidence and testimony also make the polices timeline very difficult to apply as Guy was seen the morning of the 29th by a store clerk twice between the time of 5.00 - 6.00am she described him as behaving normally and said he had no blood on him.

Guy was heard at 5.30am by Jonathan Charmichael knocking on the motel door and also seen on CCTV at 5.36am looking and behaving normally with no evidence of any blood on him.

It cannot be claimed that he started to kill his family before at least 2.16am because of the call made from Michelle’s phone, it was not a distress call.

The prosecution claim that Guy did this in a possible drug induced rage under the influence of the drugs he had taken, and maybe didn’t recollect doing it. He was asked this in an interview which he adamantly denied.

However if the prosecution believe he did this in a drug haze and inferring he didn’t really know what he was doing then how could they also imply that he would be coherent enough and functioning logically enough to act on covering his crime by washing up and disposing of the weapon. This would take a level of conscious and coherent awareness of the crime which somewhat contradicts the idea that he was in a crazed illogical violent state of mind lead by the need for painkillers.

Motives suggested by law enforcement

Settlement money motive

Theory : Guy killed his family over a $25,000 settlement in order to gain access to the money.

This theory is not applicable because - The settlement had not yet been settled or finalised in order for anyone to be in the process of receiving a pay-out, therefore there was no settlement money at that point. Guy was aware of that fact therefore Guy would know there was no money to steal.

Painkiller motive

Theory: Guy killed his family over a bottle of painkillers.

Guy came back home was looking for the painkillers and was confronted by Russell a fight then broke out and Guy killed everyone and took the painkillers.

This theory is not applicable because - Guy had no need to kill his family over a bottle of prescription painkillers when he had access to the same painkillers in the car he had been driving the whole night.

Both bottles were found. One bottle was found in the car by Law enforcement as well as another bottle found in the trailer.

As is known from his previous drug taking behaviours that Guy at that point had access to trap houses that supplied hard drugs such as crack cocaine, he also had money for this if needed, he had $391 on his persons that night/morning and access to a car meaning he had easy access to more than one type of drug without having to kill anyone over them or be confronted about taking them.

He also was able to have drugs on loan and pay money back to people later, so even in the case where he didn’t have the money directly upfront he was still able to gain access to them without committing crime.

It is important to note Guy had no pre-existing history of violent behaviour before his drug taking nor during it. It was reported in statements made by friends and family of Guy that they were aware of his drug taking and were not overly concerned by it nor would they deem him a threat.

Who Is Guy Heinze Jr?

Of course it is important to also learn who Guy is and a bit about his character. Not much is known about Guy or his life before all of this happened, other than what the media has portrayed him as, which isn't completely accurate most of the time.

This is something I wanted to avoid doing so didn't want to base what I knew of Guy solely on what I had read in news articles or seen in news clips. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to ask Guy, his brother Tyler and his Grandmother Jean about his life, his childhood, who he was as he grew up and his relationship with his family and friends.

This will give an insight to who he is, one that has not previously been written about, an insight from those who know him the best. 

As a child Guy was very close to his Grandmother Jean, she would often babysit him while his parents worked and studied. He spent the first 5-6 years of his life regularly seeing his Grandmother and spending time with her. She recalled vacations they went on together and said "he seemed to be a happy child".

When I asked Guy what his childhood was like he recalled it was a happy one, mostly spent outside playing or with friends socialising, he was a keen bike rider too. Guy was the type of boy who made friends easily, he came from a close knit family when it came to socialising he was well rounded. His brother Tyler said "Guy always had friends, he was funny and people liked being around him". All of the people I spoke to who knew Guy describe him as an easy going friendly person who isn't confrontational or malicious.

"He has never been a confrontational person and I spent a lot of time with him. I babysat him while he was little, while his Momma was at nursing school so we were kind of attached" - Jean talking with the BBC about Guy for the series Life and Death Row aired 24 Mar 2014

From a young age going into early adulthood Guy had maintained a few hobbies he enjoyed going camping, fishing and watching sports, his love for the great outdoors was very prominent in his life. He enjoyed the feeling of being outside around nature and would often visit parks and wooded areas to just chill out and take some time for himself or meet up with friends or family and hang out. Tyler recalls "when he was younger he(Guy) played video games with his friends a lot" he said that Guy loved music too "in his teens he would listen to his rap CDs in his room and used to put the pictures from inside the albums on his wall" all things typical for a boy of Guys age to be doing.

Guys school life early on was very normal for a boy his age, he was consistent in class, socialised well and attended regularly. He wasn't a disruptive child, he followed instruction well and wasn't a known rule breaker nor was he deemed a cause for concern.

Guy recalls that high school was a little different, initially he did well but started to loose interest with it as other interests grew this reflected in his grades. Jean said this behaviour roughly began in 9th grade when he started to skip school to hang out with friends.

Eventually he stopped being concerned with school at all and would prioritise his attention onto other things such as girls and spending more time with his friends.

Around the age of 12 Guy started smoking Cannabis, he and his friends would sneak out to smoke so they didn't get into trouble. That said his group of friends were not known trouble makers, they got into trouble once or twice but on the whole they were good kids, that had a tendency to skip out on school.

A little later down the line around the age of 15 Guy started to dabble in harder drugs. This did lead to one incident of anti-social behaviour when he and his friends broke into another friends house and stole guns. The plan was to sell them on then use the money so they could buy drugs, however they got found out and action was taken.

Guy was made to attend a boot camp  to nip the behaviour in the bud before it had the chance to develop into something more serious. 

The centre he was sent to was called Baxley Wilderness Institute one of 3 centres in Georgia who aim to "redirect troubled youth, prevent recidivism and develop responsible, productive citizens through a disciplined learning environment.

Georgia Wilderness Institutes and its programs are part of the Associated Marine Institutes (AMI).  AMI is a not-for-profit organization providing rehabilitative services for youth since its inception in 1969." the centre Guy attended was closed in 2014.

As Guy didn't have a history of anti-social behaviour or conduct disorder it wasn't likely the behaviour would continue after him leaving Baxley wilderness, and it didn't continue.

After leaving boot camp leading up to the 29th August 2009 there are no records of Guy committing any type of crime and no reports from friends or family of any criminal behaviour other than his drug taking which they were already aware of but this had also reduced significantly after he attended the institute. Guy started to get his life back on track and began to focus on his future.

At the age of 17 Guy's mother passed away from a drug overdose, this was a testing time for Guy and his younger brother Tyler they coped the best they could with their loss but were close with their mother so this impacted them both emotionally. They got support from family which helped them a lot "I think he coped okay with the situation" Jean explains. Guy tried to maintain a normal routine during this time and would still get up to go to work doing his best to carry on with everyday life.

Although Guy had seemingly given up on high school this didn't affect his motivation to work or be a contributing member of society even after the loss of his mother.

As soon as he was able to work he got a job, Guy explains "I had a great work ethic. I had a job since I was old enough to work" he says at the time all of this happened he had consistent work, "I was building a house, worked Monday to Saturday each week" In general his work life was steady and consistent and he would always try to contribute to the household and pay his own way financially.

His Grandmother Jean explains "He had great work ethic. I don't remember him missing days except his mom's funeral and maybe the day we had to make arrangements" which is understandable given the circumstances.

Over the next few years Guys life was mostly stable. His drug taking did continue throughout this time something again his friends and family were aware of. The loss of his mother weighed on his mind at times Tyler said "he turned even more into alcohol and drugs after she died" Guy may of used these things as an escape, but it didn't impact him being able to function in day to day life or prevent him from maintaining a job. He seemingly would use drugs in a more recreational manner choosing to do it socially with friends and now and again he would take them alone to unwind but this wasn't something he did too often. None of his friends or family ever reported him to be a violent or confrontational person on or off drugs and there are no police records of him ever being violent or confrontational either.

Guy hadn't been living in New Hope Mobile Home park for very long, he had his own apartment before he moved into the trailer with his Dad and the Toler family and had only been living there for a few weeks. It wasn't ever meant to be permanent only a temporary solution. Guys father had a trailer that needed to be moved to a plot of their own.

Guy explained that "living in a trailer with so many people was trying at times" but they were his family "I grew up with them, knew them my whole life" it wasn't going to be forever he was only crashing on the couch until he had paid for his dads trailer to be moved to their own plot.

Tyler also said that there have "never been long term underlying grudges in the home . . . everyone there had lived together so long they all knew how to mesh well with each other" Tyler explains that the families were very close they grew up together, hung out together, vacationed together, lived together. Tyler describes the relationship between the two families "Rusty Jr, Chrissy, Michael & Michelle had been a part of my life for years, we had all been around each other Guy even more than me. We all went camping together and to movies, and fishing, like we were all really close Rusty (Sr) practically helped raise me and Guy because him and my Dad were always together". . . "My brother and I both were close to everyone in that trailer except for Joe". Joe was Chrissy Toler's boyfriend at that time, they hadn't been dating long so the family didn't know him as well.

Guy, Tyler and his father had arranged to move out of the Toler residence the weekend of the 29th something they were looking forward to. Guy was due to pay for the trailer to be moved that Saturday (29th August) and it was due to go to the site that same weekend so it was on the plot ready for them to move into straight away.

Even now Tyler talks about the family still being close despite whats happened "Me and Guy are still close and have always been he is my only sibling so that and our life story has always kind of driven us closer together". Tyler and their Grandmother Jean actively campaign for Guys release. Both Tyler and Jean have maintained from the start that Guy wouldn't do something like this, he is innocent. It wasn't in his nature even under the influence of drugs to do something like this to people that he loved; that he had no grudges against, no history of disputes with. He wouldn't kill the only parent he had left a parent he had plans with for the future a parent he shared a life with even more so after the loss of his mother.

This brings us up to the morning Guy discovers his family murdered, an absolutely devastating and traumatic event for Guy and his remaining family.

None of their lives have been the same since. 

​A completely unique case

There is no other known case where a person has single handedly beaten 8 members of their family to death one by one over the space of a few hours seemingly very quietly without using restraints on any of them, none of them getting away and having some of them fight back without a single shot being fired during the whole event.

It is also not understood how a man could do this without gaining any injury to their persons despite some of the victims clearly putting up a good fight. What do you think about this case?

A special thanks to Jodie, Guy, Jean and Tyler for taking the time to answer my questions and give an insight on who Guy really is, his home, his family, friends and his childhood.

Any information on this page has been verified by Guys family, partner and/or official documentation.

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