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Kuklinski: The Devil Himself book out now

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

A short, yet factually informative book detailing the life and crimes of Richard Leonard Kuklinski.

Available on Amazon and Kindle now.

The book features information about his childhood & adolescence. Along with a breakdown of his 37 year criminal career, his association with organised crime, his marriage and his family life.

The latter chapters of the book give an insight into the behavioural aspects of his crimes, his motives, his drives and the possible biological underpinnings for these.

There is detailed information about the undercover operation which eventually led to his capture and arrest in 1986, along with the stories of his victims.

Reader Review "Had the absoloute pleasure of being one of the first to read this. Kuklinskis story told like never before. This had me HOOKED." T Whitelaw

Better known to some as 'The Iceman', Richard was a long time criminal who grew up in New Jersey in the USA.

Free to download with kindle unlimited

After an abhorrent childhood filled with pain and misery, Richard veered into a life of crime. In a desperate attempt to get away from the poverty and abuse he had suffered he turned to the streets of New Jersey for acceptance. He was welcomed with open arms, eventually becoming acquainted with some of the Mafias most notorious hitmen, auto theft rackets and bootlegging operations. Over time he would become a greedy, ruthless, and callous killer knowing no bounds.

His Jekyll and Hyde like personality would help him to elude police detection for decades, fooling even those closest to him. After years of trying to pin down the Iceman law enforcement were forced to set up an undercover operation which finally captured him and brought Kuklinski to justice.

Reader Review " After reading it felt like I knew him. There's lots of detail in the reasons and thoughts behind what he did. It makes you see how some people end up turning to crime. Without the right people around them." A. Benning

The now infamous Kuklinski has become a fascination of many true crime fans, with multiple documentaries being made about him and also a film, he has rapidly become notorious.

A man who has claimed to have killed over 100 people but only ever convicted for 5 murders, has stunned the world with tall tales of murder, robbery and torture. These bold and astounding claims have left the audience gripped with curiosity into his case.

Free to download with kindle unlimited

Reader Review "well laid out and very interesting, your writing style and your in-depth investigation is wonderful...will promote this to all" S. Woodford

The sources used to verify events were a combination of police, court and FBI records, newspaper articles, testimonies from his family and police officers dealing with his case, direct testimony from Richard himself totalling, 17 hours of interviews that were recorded for episodes of an HBO series; and a biographical based book written by Anthony Bruno.

Sources retrieved for the purpose of research where the person has now passed on have been verified to the best of my ability. News articles sourced from archives where the journalist has passed on are taken in good faith to be accurate and account for actual events. Where possible they have been corroborated with police/court documentation.

Get your copy now - Kuklinski: The Devil Himself

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