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Welcome to the Criminal Behaviours blog

Welcome to my true crime website.

Below you will find links to my books, articles, biographies and case studies of various crimes.

I also cover Theories of crime for those that want to know more about the sociological and psychological aspects.

I spend a lot of time researching cases and studies to make sure I get the most accurate information and all sources are referenced where possible.

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Book Titles

Kuklinski: the devil himself book cover
Kuklinski: The Case File
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Kuklinski: The Devil Himself

A short book detailing the life & crimes of The Iceman Richard Kuklinski

Available on Amazon

Kuklinski: The Case File

The accompanying book to The Devil Himself. Featuring extra  pictures and documents from the Kuklinski Case.

Available on Amazon

The UK's Worst

A compilation of true crime cases committed by some of the UK's worst criminals. 

Available on Amazon

The Pocket Guide to Psychopathy

A short book that breaks down what psychopathy is, and isn't.  Covering the implications of Psychopathy, its clinical history & its application in modern day. 

Currently Unavailable 

The Guy Heinze Jr Case

"What we do know about the serial killer is when you start to talk to them they hold everything together.
Then they start to disintegrate and they begin to be able to share bits and pieces, odds and ends of murders" Morrison, H - Forensic psychiatrist
"In evolutionary terms, the human capacity for antisocial and violent behavior wasn't a random occurrance. . . 
Many violent crimes may sound mindless, but they may be informed by a primative evolutionary logic." Raine, A - 2013
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