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Suspected Missing Tik Tok Girl Identified

A Tik Tok video featuring a girl with dark bruises around her eyes, was believed to be missing teen Cassie Compton. She has now been identified as Haley Grace Phillips.

Image retrieved from DeShawn Walton Sr on Tik Tok
Retrieved from DeShawn Walton Sr on Tik Tok

On the 14th of January 2021 a Tik Tok video was circulating which featured a girl and two men in a car. The men were very hyperactive in this video, chatting and rapping to one another as they filmed. However in the back of the car with the men was a young female. She leans forward from the back seat revealing bruised and blackened eyes, tilting her head she stares emotionless into the camera.

This sparked concerns by the general public who felt as though this girl needed help. They began to share the video in hopes of identifying the girl. Soon the topic became viral and followers of missing persons cases noticed this girl had an uncanny resemblance to missing teen Cassie Compton.

Police were alerted to the video and the information was forwarded to the FBI who announced they were doing an investigation to establish the identity and safety of the girl featured.

A few hours after the initial panic the girl in the video came forward publicly and announced she was the girl in the video and that she had been robbed for her phone a few days previously. It was during this robbery she got the black eyes and reassured people she was safe. She asked if people could stop contacting her over the topic. The breaks in her voice suggest this whole experience has been quite emotional for her.

Her family members have also come forward and identified her as Haley Phillips.

Below you can view Haley's video dismissing the claims that she is a missing person and she is not Cassie Compton.

Still Missing

Cassie Compton has been missing since september 14th 2014, from her hometown Stuttgart, Arkansas.

At the time she went missing she was 15 years old. The day she vanished she had been at a demolition derby with a family friend. She arrived home at around 7pm, then a short time after she told her mother she was going to the store and wouldn't be long. She hasn't been seen since.

At the time of her disappearance she was described as blonde, blue eyes, about 5'4 in height weighing roughly 100lbs, with a scar on her left cheek.

There is currently only 1 person of interest in the case, a man by the name of Brandon Rhodes. Although he has not been identified as the person responsible for Cassie disappearing police believe he may of had some involvement.

Brandon is Cassie's step father and would of had access to Cassie at the time she vanished.

The search for her is still active if you have any information about Cassie's disappearance please contact the Stuttgart Police Department on 870-673-4566

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